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The T-roy B-log

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My rant about the Lincoln County Journal [Apr 17, 2007]

Ya know, I am just about fed up with the Lincoln County Journal. I know they have done a lot for Lincoln County in the fact that they are the source of information for a lot of people and give exposure to people in the county, but seriously here are some things I wonder about:

What are they doing with the advertising money from the website?
--They advertise the heck out of the website but what is really on it? I mean sure there are lot of ads on the website, so they have to be raking in some money from it, but what is really on it?

Why is with the front page of the Sports section this week?
--The majority of the above the fold space is taken up by track results. Not a story, but track results submitted by a coach.

Does anyone proofread?
--In the article about Richard Rose signing with Lindenwood: "he lead the South division" . No, that would be "he led the South".

--On the inside back page, the '06-'07 All-County Basketball Teams are featured. A Kourtney Gibson made the Girls' 2nd team. That one even comes up as misspelled in my web browser.

--On the front page of the Main Section: "City leaders finalized plans to purchase Troy Baptist Church" Wow, so they are just purchasing the whole congregation? I would think that the correct wording would have been "City leaders finalized plans to purchase the building currently occupied by Troy First Baptist Church".


posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 3:11 AM


you know pt, its not getting any easier on print journalism out there. especially for small town newspapers. budget concerns and companys that continue to sell ad space and force news to either be inflated or retracted depending on how many pages of ads they fill, cause havoc on the under salaried and understaffed reporters. I like the track results. i think they should be top fold every time, but on the front page!
p.s.- its not the spelling, but the message that matters!

commented by Anonymous ben lacy, 11:20 PM  
Did you know, one of the definitions for church is a BUILDING for public and especially Christian worship?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:39 PM  
So, if the building isn't used anymore for worship is it still a church?
commented by Blogger PT, 4:25 PM  

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