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The T-roy B-log

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Restaurant Review: Zadock's [Jun 7, 2007]

    ***I dined at the newest restaurant in Troy shortly after it opened, but I am just now posting my review.***

    I had a Rueben sandwich and a bowl of chicken and dumpling soup. I liked the fact that with my sandwich I could add a bowl of soup for only a dollar, which could possibly be that I am a sucker for things that are a dollar. The Rueben itself was good except for the fact that there was no 1000 island dressing on the sandwich. I informed the host of the lack of 1000 island when I went to pay and she checked on it and said that it was a miscommunication between the server and the kitchen. Apparently, the sandwich is supposed to be served with a side of 1000 island dressing.
    Personally, I would prefer that the server ask when you order if you would like the dressing on the side or on the sandwich. The soup was alright. I don't really have chicken and dumplings a lot so I can't really critique it.
    The prices are about average for a family-style restaurant, I think I spent about $10 for the soup, sandwich and drink. The other items on the menu all seemed to be priced pretty average. I didn't really see anything on the menu that stood out.
    If you are curious about why the restaurant name sounds so ethnic it is because Zadock Woods was one of the two men behind Wood's Fort in 1799. I overheard a waitress say that when the restaurant owners went to the City, they were encouraged to use the name, Zadock's. The layout of the restaurant is nice with a fireplace in the middle of the dining area and tables along the wall that faces Hwy 47. Here's a link to the story of the Woods family.
    Overall, I think the restaurant wasn't really anything to write home about. I haven't dined at Landmark lately, but I would imagine the two are a lot alike. Most of the things I saw on the menu seemed pretty plain. The restaurant needs more things and dishes to distinguish itself.

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 9:17 PM


Oh, please.... stick to sports.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:53 PM  
Well "anonymous" what did you think of the place?
commented by Blogger PT, 8:07 PM  
Howdy from Texas. Thought your article was pretty interesting, since I am a descendant of Zadock's. He is my greatx4 grandaddy. Sorry to hear his namesake restaurant wasn't anything to write home about. Makes me wonder if his tavern at Woods fort was any good back in the day?! ;) Just thought I would drop by and shoot you a note. Tell them that Zadock's family sure does appreciate the city keeping his memory alive. He was one helluva guy.
commented by Anonymous A woods family member, 4:38 PM  
I LOVE ZADDOCKS! screw you dude! Zaddocks has some of the best service in town...and their food is DELICIOUS!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:50 PM  
I agree with you. Sadly Zadocks is of only a few places to choose from in Troy. It's ok but not qiute up to par with what one might expect from the decor . It has a SPORT'S Bar .Cool...BUT .It is also "family stile"? ok...I get it...cram a 2- 4 -1 in a very small town. thats fine. I Guess.

As for the food I've been to Zadock's many times testing the menu, limited yes but..good! over all...except the side salid, it's very sad. poorest lil thing you will ever see. All large peaces of ice burg, 1 half shave of red onyon, @ 1 sice of tomato. All this fits on a very tiny dish you can't mix your dressing on..(duuuh)I feel clumsy when i get it.

For "family stile" it is Very good for Price and fair. Just please no salid.....Funny thing is there Italian dressing is the best i have had in any restaurant.

That said have you been to Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina? I would love to know your thoughts....I'll check back.
commented by Anonymous Crossfire911_2000, 2:30 AM  
I have eaten at Zadock's a few times and found it to be fery good. I stopped eating at Landmark because it reminds me of hospital food...blaah. As far as Chihuahua's they have good food but they stopped serving nopales(cactus) which is one of my favorites. I do prefer the atmosphere at Dos Primos better, when it comes to mexican food.

I am going to remain anonymous but I am not the same anonymous as previous posts.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:04 PM  

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