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The T-roy B-log

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Forler Trial: Truck Speed/Teasley's BAC [May 17, 2007]

    This article from the PD reports that Tyler Teasley's blood alcohol level was estimated at between .17-.19. I don't really think that was a factor at all in the events of that night though. It was also estimated that the truck moved backwards at around 3.35 mph, taking 7.78 seconds to hit the patrol car.

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posted by Ryan Brockschmitt, 1:25 AM


It was a factor, because not only does alcohol impairs your ability to drive a motor vehicle, as proven that night, it also impairs your ability to make a sound decision. Teasley made a bad choice that night. We are not saying the deputy did everything correct that night, but it was initiated by Mr. Teasley who was ultimitaley shot because of a bad choice that he, Mr. Teasley, made. The Brown family should consider a lawsuit against the Teasley family and not the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3:38 PM  
I fully agree with the jury's verdict today. I think Mr. Forler did make a bad decision, but don't forget that the actions of the driver and the passengers were also bad decisions. They were legally intoxicated and tried to evade/hide from the police officer. The prosecution tried to suppress Teasley's past criminal history so as not show him as adding to the situation. One of the passenger's statement on the stand said that Teasley reached for the emergency break, but it is to my knowledge that in trucks the emergency brake is activated by a foot pedal...if he was reaching (she didn't say which hand was doing this)and it was his right hand, could he have been reaching for the stick shift??? Bad decisions were made that night by ALL PARTIES, not just the actions of the deputy. No lawsuits stemming from this unfortunate event should have been filed, just some members of the family and the people in the truck themselves trying to justify and show their selfs and the deceased in an innocent light. I am sickened by the "vigilante" type of propoganda (sp)that has occurred since, I am tired of seeing Teasley protrayed as a martre and of seeing the stickers saying that Teasley and Brown were murdered by Nic Forler, these stickers should be ordered taken down.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:55 PM  
I disagree with what happened to Forler. It has not been told that he had been out to get Tyler for some time. Forler disliked Tyler and he had been keeping tabs on his wherabout for some time. How would you have felt if it had been your child? Or if ther had been a small child in the truck? He shot not knowing who was in the truck. Yes, what Tyler did was wrong, but did he deserve to die for that. NO Then ther was the incident that his family was not notified by the county deputy dept. They were notified by the hospital. I really feel that the Dept. is covering there butts for a bad decision. Why else would they have many of there deputies leaving . Some of them were very good at there jobs. I feel that he should have been nailed to the wall.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:15 AM  
Forler was not being charged with murder,he was being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Regardless of Teasley's past history and regardless of his BAC, fact of the matter is it was Forler's bullets, from Forler's gun that killed both boys. Forler stated that Teasley was his target and that he "hit" his target (he was shooting to kill?). What about Brown? He was merely a passenger in the truck. Forler should have at least been convicted for killing Brown.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:51 AM  
I really wish people would put their names, or at least some sort of alias with their comments. Oh well, I guess that is what I get for keeping this open to anonymous comments.

So anonymous3, if Forler disliked Tyler that much and had been keeping tabs on him, why didn't that come out at trial?
commented by Blogger PT, 12:23 PM  
Prosecutor told to "Take a dive" and "Put on a weak case" Nixon's office didn';t even want to take it to trial. They will NEVER put a cop in jail because Nixon want's the L.E.O. vote to be Governor.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:18 PM  

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